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Other Website Costs – Features and Components

As well as domain, hosting and build costs, you may also have to factor in the price of future development or external plug ins. We've put the prices in the table below and have expanded a little on each underneath.

Content Production£25p/h to £50p/h

eCommerce Plugins£300 to £2,000

Responsive/Mobile Site£200 upwards

Mobile Responsiveness£200 to £2,000

On-going Maintenance from £25  per month

Marketing/SEO£100 to £500 per month

Content production

Cost varies depending on size of site, how much content you need & what the content is.

eCommerce plugins

There are many platforms and software available, and you can expect to pay between £300 and £2,000.

Responsive / Mobile site

This can be included as part of the build costs , but sometimes it is better to have an individual mobile site and prices can range from £200 upwards. Again this depends on functionality.

License/cost of plugins

This depends upon the individual app or software development costs, or if built from scratch. Plugins can include: News feeds, photo galleries, contact forms and surveys.

On-going Maintenance

This will usually be a monthly cost and will depend on the size of your site. Check to see what is included as part of your initial build package.

Website imagery (stock art)

Unless you are a photographer and have your own images, you can usually use stock imagery or we provide a photography service.

Marketing / SEO

Some companies will offer a monthly fee of £99 to refine your content, make it more search-friendly and help drive traffic to your site. 

Important Considerations

Web design is a service, not a product

Looking at your website build as a service will help you understand why it is difficult to put a single price to it.

There is a lot of planning and detail involved

Price will depend on the level of detail and time spent on various features.

Quotes are subjective